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Sandusky Arts Council - Sandusky, MIchigan

The Sandusky Arts Council was formed with the vision of bringing art and cultural activities in all their forms to Sandusky and the surrounding area. We have the desire to enrich the lives of the people in our community through art and cultural activities. Some of our goals are to assist artists with a place to show and sell their work, help bring entertainment to area festivals, provide a place for enrichment education in a individual's chosen field of art or cultural activity.

With a diligent effort on our part and with your help and tax deductible financial support we can and will create a place where everyone will enjoy the arts.


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Lawn Chair Music Series

Sandusky Arts Council Executive Board 2021
President Kevin Kohn
Vice President  
Treasurer Kim Zander
Secretary Ann Lukshaitis
Member At Large Thomas Frohner
Member At Large Bobbi Frohner
Member At Large Greg Thorley
Member At Large Nick Lien